Non-profits providing education for children in their community


Spark Change

Spark Change (through Young Americans Center for Education) empowers students to make a change with "change" through philanthropic giving and youth service learning.  In 2016-2017, Spark Change raised $50,029.25 for 68 charities and funded 41 service projects.  This is Lindsey's third year as a volunteer coach at Park Hill Elementary for Student Leaders.  


Adelante Foundation, Inc. 

Adelante Foundation, Inc. has been a part of Dick's life since 2004, when he joined the board to support the mission of providing small business and education loans to provide opportunity to the rural poor in Honduras.  Adelante's values are Unity, Discipline, Hard Work and Courage. In October 2017, Dick, Lindsey, her son and members of the Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Club visited Adelante and other non-profits in Honduras.  


Children's Center at PHUMC

The Children's Center at PHUMC has been a part of Lindsey's family since her son was two years old.  In February 2017, after teaching children for 37 years, the beloved teacher Peter McInerney passed away.  The joy he brought Lindsey's family during some of the hardest times - and every day! - will be cherished always. 

Escuela De Guadalupe 

Escuela De Guadalupe is a nationally recognized Pre-K to middle school independent, dual-language Catholic school was founded in 1999 in north Denver as a response to the community's determination to improve educational opportunity to children.  Dick is a current board member.

Jonathan Holtzinger Scholarship Award of Excellence 

Jonathan Holtzinger Scholarship Award of Excellence honors Jon's commitment to North High School and mentorship in the community he so loved.  Jon was a dear friend of our family who passed away on June 12, 2012.  We miss him and remember his life lessons every day. 

Museo de las Americas 

Museo de las Americas educates the community about Latino Americano art and culture from through innovative exhibitions and programs.  As a teacher, Elisabeth has taken many fifth-graders on field trips to the museum, which has been able to host the students free of charge.  The museum also brings experiences to Elisabeth's school - a great way for students to meet learning objectives in an interactive way.  

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo connects people with wildlife and wild places through experiences that inspire action.  Douglas believes through support of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that it can make a positive impact on the world in its protection of endangered animals.