Children's healthcare and support for those who share our experiences

Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation - NICU is where Clare spent the first two weeks of her life.  The doctors and nurses are forever a part of our family and we are eternally grateful for their care and support.

CLOVES Syndrome Community and CLOVES Syndrome Foundation provide family support and research funding of a very rare disease that our friend lives with every day - with a smile on her face.

Miracles for Mito is a local organization supporting families afflicted with the challenges of mitochondrial disease.  Through Spark Change at Park Hill Elementary, Evan learned of research efforts and how to support kids with mito.  

Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine supports the development of the most promising research and treatments of the many forms of mitochondrial disease. 

National Organization for Rare Disorders supports research of VACTERL, the congenital nonrandom association of afflictions Clare was born with - and has almost completely overcome.  Through her experiences, we have learned of other rare disorders and how challenging they can be for families and patients.

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation - Heart Institute saved Clare's life on May 14, 2013, when the hole in her heart was repaired.  She now has a healthy and happy heart.

Brent's Place helps those living with cancer by providing housing, programs, and partnerships in the community. 

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