Local mental health, addiction, and grief resources

Rotary Mental Health Initiatives 

RMHI provides a direct forum for community members and Rotarians to learn more about mental health.  It is a grassroots organization we have supported from inception, RMHI's momentum has created a shift in the conversation around mental health and ways to connect stories and alleviate stigma.  

We encourage rotarians, guests, business and community leaders and mental health attend the annual State of the State event on Thursday, December 7.      For more information, please go to the 2017 ROTARY STATE OF THE STATE LUNCHEON, EXPO AND SYMPOSIUM website.


Arapahoe House 

Arapahoe House is a rehabilitation center for individuals with alcohol, drug and other behavioral health issue and their families.  In learning more about this non-profit, we are exploring ways to support women with a story similar to Alison's.


Please click on the organization above to be directed to their website.