Mental Health Support

Local mental health, addiction, and grief resources

Rotarians for Mental Health

Rotarians for Mental Health provides a direct forum for community members and Rotarians to learn more about mental health.  It is a grassroots organization we have supported from inception and its momentum has created a shift in the conversation around mental health and ways to connect stories.


Presentation to the Commerce City Rotary Club

With Rotarians for Mental Health, we are sponsoring a Rotary District 5450 Award to recognize a Rotary Club in District 5450 with a financial contribution to support a new project addressing depression, anxiety and/or addiction. Please view the application due May 1 and spread the word!   

The 2018 recipient is the Commerce City Rotary Club’s – Mental Health Initiative new program Just for Veterans and Their Families: Embracing Needs and Removing Barriers, which will bring awareness and connect veterans with education courses, resources, mental health events, and celebrations.   And, as a result of the application process, we supported the first annual Rotary Club of Golden's Community Wellness Fair on Anxiety and Early Signs of Substance Abuse. 

Mental Health Center of Denver

Mental Health Center of Denver enriches lives and minds by focusing on strengths and well-being.  With the Denver Cherry Rotary Club, we support the community efforts of MHCD, including the unique Dahlia Campus, incorporating health, well-being and mental health through a community partnership in Park Hill.   In addition, MHCD hosts interactive one-day courses introducing risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems to build understanding of their impact and review common treatments. Please go to Mental Health First Aid to register and become empowered.

Love to Alison

March 18, 2014

Dear Alison,

Our Family celebrates your March 18, 1983 birth by recalling the years of joy you gave us.  In remembrance of your April 10, 2013, passing, we pray families openly discuss depression and addiction as a catalyst to seek help and health.  We miss you every day.

Love forever, 

Mom, Dad, and Sister