Who We Are

We are a family with a story like most families.  Our founder, H. Michael Hayes, has given us the gift of sharing our story through a Foundation.  In doing so, we have the opportunity to help others though organizations who provide services that have supported our family or families with stories like ours or organizations we sincerely wished we had known about when our family needed help.  

Our Board

Lindsey Hayes Daly is Dick and Penny Hayes' oldest daughter who honors those she lost in how she lives every day.  The experiences of her two children, Evan and Clare, shared with husband, Trevor, have significantly shaped her focus of philanthropic giving. Lindsey serves as a board member and as Executive Director.

Richard "Dick" Becker Hayes is Mike and Neola's oldest son and, in honoring those he's lost, is the patriarch of the Hayes Family.  Dick serves as president of the board.

Douglas Michael Hayes is the oldest grandchild and son of Steve and Cindy Hayes and his enthusiasm continually celebrates family.  Douglas serves as secretary for the board.

Gregory Stephen Hayes is the younger son of Steve and Cindy Hayes and honors his family through his work ethic and humor. Gregory serves as a board member.

Elisabeth Maria Cook is a family member in every way but blood relation and shares support during times of grief and celebration of life. Elisabeth serves as a board member.

Family Members We Honor

H. Michael Hayes was the patriarch of the Hayes family and cared for those he loved and his community in big and small ways until the day he died.  "Big Mike" lives on through this Foundation, but more, in the daily reflections on what his thoughts would be - on anything.

Elona Jean Pontiff was Lindsey and Alison's beloved grandmother and Penny Hayes' mom, whose sweet nature and humor provided unconditional love to everyone she touched.

Alison Leigh Hayes had a light within her that shone around those she loved.  Her spirit is with us every day and we mourn that she did not have Another Chance. 

Caroline Cook was a beautiful mother, kind friend, supportive daughter, and one of the strongest people we have ever known.  Her grace inspires us always.

Charles O. "Tony" Cook III gave advice that is still with us.  He cared so much about his family and community that any way we can honor him is a privilege.

Stephen E. Hayes had an entrepreneurial spirit and cared for his clients and those in need.  Not to mention his humor!  We dearly miss his laugh and the subtle support he provided.

Neola Jean Hayes had a love of life, the Southwest, crossword puzzles and solitaire, and her family.  Remembering Nonna Jean's smile makes us smile.

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